We were commissioned to produce a customized Flare Stack candelabrum.

In 2015 De Waag, a new café and restaurant, opened in a prominent monument in Leiden. De Waag, a weighing house, was built in 1657. In 2014, its purpose sadly reduced to the merely ornamental. Hotel and catering entrepreneur Debuut proposed an ambitious conversion of the building into ‘thenew living-room for Leiden’. This was not a simple refurbishment of course, but a building processfraught with problems stemming from the clash between the demand for modern comfort and the strictest regulations for a 17th century grade 1-listed monument. We became involved in the final stages of the
interior design when we were commissioned to produce a customized Flare Stack candelabrum. Due to the strict fire regulations, the bio-ethanol fluid that was used in earlier
models of the Flare Stack was replaced by an evaporator
that emits harmless water vapour, as well as yellow and
orange lights to simulate flames.

The custom flarestack became the visual centerpiece of the restaurant. The Flare Stack is carried by a huge hexagonal pedestal. This pedestal doe not only carry the object, but also serves as a service desk for the staff. A lot of practical necessities are build in to the pedestal to stimulate a good workflow in the restaurant durning opening hours.