–    Focalare, which means domestic hearth.

Our Shisha table is a World Gathering Table, which was revealed at the ‘expo at Plus Design Gallery in Milan during the annual Salone del Mobile. We worked with the idea of Focalare (which means domestic hearth) that is a symbol for home and the fire burning within ourselves. Our object stimulates the sharing of space and feelings, anchoring every place of dwelling with its archetype. This object is our interpretation of the shisha water pipe. The shisha is generally associated with meeting places in the Middle East, but water pipes have been growing in popularity amongst European youngsters in recent years. According to our vision on this topic, it needed a little update for the 21st century, so we came up with a new model, supported by a specially designed table.

 –   A truly democratic model.

‘Roundness permits an equal position for every user and makes it a truly democratic model’. The oak table and pipe were built up from clean circular and angular parts, just like earlier designs such as Heating Stove 01 and Flare Stack. In this item, cultural connotations of form play a more prominent role. A circle stands for the universal need for cosiness, comfort and social interaction. The table itself is made in a way that one can change the centre piece of the object. You can for example remove the shisha module and replace it with a Russian samovar or a Chinese lazy suzan. This gives the entire object a different meaning while still expediting people from different backgrounds to meet and learn from each other’s culture.

 –   A literally and figuratively way the carrier of the centerpiece.

The bottom section of the Sisha Table is in both a literally and figuratively way the carrier of the centerpiece. Besides that the it lifts the centrepiece of the ground, it also contains style elements that you will find in many different countries and thus applied by people with a lot of different cultural backgrounds.