–    We enlarged the size and chose walnut and oak for our version of the trouble light.

Trouble lights are mostly known from their use in garages and repair workshops, with a bulb that is protected by glass and
a steel wire cage and a hook on top for hanging over a broken engine or underneath a car. Instead of the cheap steel plate
and wire of the original, we enlarged the size and chose walnut and oak for our version of the trouble light. By endlessly planning and sanding the surface of the precious wood, we aimed to pare the richest expression of the material to the most essential definition of geometric clarity. Its humble origin as a utensil was significantly upgraded in our new incarnation. Introduced in 2013, the first series of octagonal lights included a wall mounted lamp and table lamp, the latter hanging from a rustic, thick rope. Besides the ones designed for interiors, an outsized lamp in black wood was made to order for the CHV Noordkade project in Veghel. Later, an elongated hanging lamp was also added to the family, the design of which was based on a vintage industrial fluorescent lamp from the twenties.

The lights are constructed in such a way that they are easy to scale. This allows the Trouble Lights to be used in any interior. Whether it is a small version above a cosy dining table, or a giant version that provides a factory hall with light. It is an ideal lamp to make a statement in every room. Also, the light can be executed in different materials and with different finishes to ensure that it fits ideally within the interior where it will to be placed.