–   A central piece in
the Modern Times exhibition.

This oversized cabinet was a central piece in
the Modern Times exhibition at the 2013 Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy. We specifically wanted to design an oversized
bulky object that opposed and exaggerated the slickness of contemporary cabinets. It was one of the boldest Fire walk with me’ contrapositions against the slick perfection of contemporary furniture as there ever was. The overwhelming and voluminous cabinet took its basic angular shape from 17th century iron mills; a large central pavilion supported by ribbed buttresses on each side. Keeping with the character of the Modern Times exhibit, it was all tongue-in-cheek.

 –   Its size, sound and technical solutions.

The sheer size and power of Safe Storage completely denied the kind of functionality one would normally expect from a cabinet. Instead, all the components
of the object – its size, sound and technical solutions –were exaggerated and designed to bedazzle. By turning a large steel wheel in the centre, visitors could open the mysterious vault. The resistance of the bulky valve was accompanied by
the loud grinding of 25 gears, which immediately captured
the attention. It seemed to take ages to unveil the contents of the safe. The‘secrets’ that were waiting behind the door are always inferior to the idea of revealing them. The feeling of tension and excitement that occurs when waiting for something to be revealed is worth more than any of the stuff you thought you were actually waiting for. It’s all about suggestion and the value of that feeling compared to the value of the things that are actually present.

 –   Squeaked and creaked.

At the time we exhibited the safe storage in Milan, the Salone was full of polished design objects. It felt like everybody was desperately looking for the next best thing in the design world. Our object opposed that feeling. The safe storage squeaked and creaked, and presented itself as a rather unpolished object. A thing that we embraced. The safe storage questioned the slickness of many designs that were showed at the Salone.