A typical icon of the industrial era: the chimney.

For Heating Stove 02 we found inspiration in a typical icon of the industrial era: the chimney. Eye-catching colossuses that rose above all other manmade structures that made their surroundings into something that had never been seen before. Besides the characteristic form and function of Heating Stove 02, it originated from a certain need for a social object that allows people to gather around, hang out, lean back and talk chit chat. The stove not only heats the space, but also offers a place to sit down and keeps your body on 37 degrees when the temperature drops after sunset. It doesn’t chill the beers, but fortunately it is set up to grill someburgers and prepare some ribs in it. This makes Heating Stove 02 a usable object designed for public places and number one within the Atelier van Asseldonk collection in terms of experience.

The shape of the Heating Stove 02 is part of research we did on the subject time. We were inspired by the way techniques evolve throughout the years. Newly developed techniques also come new forms. Still we tend to use a lot of existing elements in the design of something with a new function. Were the Heating Stove might look like an old chimney of the industrial age, it is actually based on a more modern chimney. The Chimney of nuclear power plant Chernobyl. The design for the Chernobyl plant was strongly inspired by old ways of building chimneys. Because the function is still somewhat the same as an old chimney, certain elements did nothave to evolve, and so didn’t the shape.