–   Apart from its symbolism as a nostalgic reference.

Elevated chimneys have developed into a genre in our portfolio. The first model (Heating Stove 02) stands on a tubular construction which lifts the hearth off the ground, and is surrounded by concrete benches that retain heat and offer people a warm place to sit. Apart from its symbolism as a nostalgic reference to an industrial age, the elevated chimney also ensures effective combustion.

–   Apart from its symbolism as a nostalgic reference.

We used our experience of the one-off design of Heating Stove 02 to develop Form Works, which is intended as a commercial product for use in private gardens or public spaces. Form Works is a hearth surrounded by a shelf, which is not intended as a seat but which can be used to rest your feet or to keep your tea warm. Its brown rusty corten steel skin blends in easily with most natural surroundings – especially on summer and autumn nights, which probably are the perfect occasions for a family to gather around the outside stove. As part of social entertainment Form Works 
is also a highly visible centrepiece. The articulation of the ribs makes Form Work a sturdy stove.

–   Used in the building industry to cast concrete.

As the name implies, we based the rib design on formworks which are used in the building industry to cast concrete. More than form alone, they are also used to bolt the circular elements of
the stove together. Because it can be delivered as a construction box, Form Works turns the monumental into a viable commercial product. The standard model is made in corten steel, but the object can also be made in steel with a different finish to fit in every location.