We all reflected on the idea of Focolare.

During the annual Milan Design Week, Plusdesign has organized a collective show of three international designers: Ilias Lefas, Dirk vander Kooij, and us. As a starting point for the exposition we all reflected on the idea of focolare (domestic hearth). It stands as a symbol for home and the fire burning within ourselves. Each of us presented projects that stimulated the sharing of space and feeling, anchoring every place of dwelling with its archetype.

At the Focolare expo at Plus Design Gallery we presented three different objects that all in their own way tried to reflect on the given theme. The three objects that we presented were the Wooden version of the FlareStack, the ‘It’s Healthy to Piss Out the Fire’ candelabra, and the World Gathering Shisha table. All three totally different objects shared the power of provoking people to gather around the object. The Three objects also shared their circular shapes. Roundness permits an equal position for every user and that stimulates a feeling of gathering around to all enjoy the same thing. After the exposition at Plus Design Gallery the three objects all went separate ways while still telling the same story independently.