Functional design with a healthy dose of conceptual thinking. Aart van Asseldonk is a modern craftsman who uses his knowledge of materials and processing techniques to delivering high-quality work. At Atelier van Asseldonk we make no difference between the concept, the function, and the shape of an object. All three are inseparably connected to each other, and the right balance between them makes a regular design into a superb one. In our work you can often find a subtle hint to past times, but always with the intention of moving forward.

Our workshop is situated in an old farm in a small village under the skirt of Eindhoven. We created a place where we can experiment, craft, and develop concepts. In addition to working on assignments, we are engaged in making autonomous work. This work is mainly focused on building experiences for design shows, but is equally applicable in interiors of homes and businesses. We find it important that we keep challenging ourselves to come up with new concepts, shapes and solutions within our autonomous work so we can implement these discoveries into our assignments to make sure we can keep serving our client and ensuring that the client can achieve his goal.

Atelier van Asseldonk works in a small team, but this small group of people exercise a lot of different disciplines. Everyone works with their own strength and thus we challenge each other with our knowledge and expertise. It helps us to look at an assignment from many perspectives so we can surprise the client and ourselves with new ideas. From a small sculptural assignment to an interior for a big company. From a conceptual question to a technical solution. We work on everything with the same passion, precision, and attention for detail. We make sure to be our best self and deliver an end product that is the best as well.