Who we are

Subtle hints to past times, but always with the intention of moving forward.

Functional design with a healthy dose of conceptual thinking. Aart van Asseldonk is a modern craftsman who uses his knowledge of materials and processing techniques to delivering high-quality work. At Atelier van Asseldonk we make no difference between the concept, the function, and the shape of the works.


Our Story ⟶


De Stijl Factory

De Ploeg, Bergeijk

Done in style! Rietveld’s legendary workshop re-opens as BRUNS DeStijlfactory. Originally built as Weverij De Ploeg in 1957, the first and only industrial complex from the heritage of Gerrit Th. Rietveld rejuvenates in colors, patterns and textures.

CHV Noordkade


In 2014, a group of local entrepreneurs in Veghel started an initiative to revive some of the cultural and social importance held by CHV. Situated along the Noordkade this occupied a series of large buildings and formed the core of the economic and industrial welfare of the region.

Beleef De Kempen


Vessem is an ancient village in the vicinity of Eindhoven. The landscape of this region offers a rich variety of oak woods, bog and heath, which appeal to hikers.

Allegory Of The South

Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

For the 2015 edition of Dutch Design Week Aart van Asseldonk decided he wanted to let go the traditional way of displaying products. He came up with the Allegory of the South.

Bar Anne

Salone Del Mobile, Milano

“A cutting edge: Show, Bar, Hang Out, Experience, Meet, Greet, and Creative Hub all in one”.

Modern Times

Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

The Modern Times exhibition that we presented during many different international design events is all about playing with time. We drew inspiration from the industrial era, craftsmanship and experience.


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